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Date Found: Saturday, 06 February 2016, 02:07:37 PM

Comment: The Failed Science! Economics! Bogus stats and surveys used by bankers to commit fraud the common folks!

Date Found: Saturday, 06 February 2016, 06:24:46 PM

Comment: European banks going to ZERO

Date Found: Sunday, 07 February 2016, 07:42:56 PM

Comment: RTT: What the hell is going on with European banking stocks! What do they know!!!

Date Found: Monday, 08 February 2016, 11:44:11 PM

Comment: The Neocons Do Not Want Peace In The World:Paul Craig Roberts

Date Found: Tuesday, 09 February 2016, 12:07:55 PM

Comment: US Recession Alert : Too much mal-invested, Fed-fueled, hope-driven "if we build it, they will buy it" inventory... and not enough actual demand. This has never, ever, ended well in the past - so why is this time different? At 1.32x, the December inventories/sales ratio is drasticallyhigher than at year-end 2014 and is back at levels that have always coincided with recessions...

Date Found: Friday, 12 February 2016, 01:10:28 AM

Comment: ..."We are in a down cycle that will end with crisis and calamity. China in today’s cycle is what US housing was during the financial crisis in 2008,” Zulauf warned. That capital outflows in China will continue, prompting regulators to devalue the yuan by as much as 15% to 20% within the year. When this happens, Asian economies which are heavily dependent on China—particularly Singapore—will suffer because Chinese corporates will cut their imports even more, while indebted Chinese com"..

Date Found: Friday, 12 February 2016, 12:05:06 PM

Comment: All this SUGAR and we have deflation.A summary by BOA:..In short, monetary policies of..., 637 rate cuts since Bear Stearns, $12.3tn of asset purchases by global central banks in the past 8 years, $8.3tn of global government debt currently yielding 0% or less, 489 million people currently living in countries with official negative rates policies (i.e. Japan, Eurozone, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark), -0.92%, the most negative yield in the world (2-year Swiss government bond). RTT..PLAN = FAIL

Date Found: Monday, 15 February 2016, 12:24:01 PM

Comment: RTT: The Deutsche Bank show is one to watch. Everyone says they will nationalize it! Yeah Right! With $66 trillion of derivatives. no political risk for the Govt, yeah right!

Date Found: Monday, 15 February 2016, 08:26:56 PM

Comment: RTT Bankers passing on bad paper to the tax payer! We are all debt slaves now!

Date Found: Thursday, 18 February 2016, 11:51:30 AM

Comment: Gold Performance In Deflation - Mike Maloney RTT: Must watch! Gold does well in extreme deflation and extreme inflation, it is the muddle in the middle when it struggles.

Date Found: Friday, 19 February 2016, 06:43:17 PM

Comment: RTT: What a joke! Monetary policy does not create DEMAND, it just changes the price. The Economist is know a MAD Magazine!

Date Found: Saturday, 20 February 2016, 01:00:06 PM

Comment: RTT: Pick a money printing clown? See if you can spot one! Any one!

Date Found: Saturday, 20 February 2016, 01:03:31 PM

Comment: RTT: China does not have a debt problem! Look away! ha ha! $520 BN new debt in 30 days! Think like this, the teenager has the credit card!

Date Found: Saturday, 20 February 2016, 05:15:44 PM

Comment: Marc Faber: Over 5 Thousand Years We've Never Had Negative Rates POINT: Look away !

Date Found: Saturday, 20 February 2016, 06:48:46 PM

Comment: RTT: 35 yr Cycle, is near twice the 18.3 yr Kuznets Cycle. And its still working.

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