Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Gold supply and demand battle near resolution

Energy builds up during a long slow sideways pattern which allow money managers to accumulate or distribute float, very soon either the demand or supply side is going to get knocked out.
image1 Soon we well have a winner! Both the moving averages and Gann angles show the tight APEX, a break out either way will happen. Our bias is to the upside.

If you review a hand full of gold stocks (say ABX, NEM, GG, HMY) you can see higher lows, and consolidations tightening after a period of volatility, this means those that wish to sell from the recent rally have done so, there done! Now the time for the next move is very near. The good news is that most big money managers missed the 2016 rally, and they are getting ready for the next move higher (we believe).

The commodity (gold) is bullish, the stock sector (gold stocks) is bullish. This means the money is moving in, setting up for a move higher.

tic tic boom!

Gann Angles

Gann Gold

Moving Averages

Gold SMA

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