Monday, 25 September 2017

Gold Gann Angle Update

The gold bull has passed a bullish test, it has bounced off the blue 1x1 Gann Angle twice!

Recently Jamie Dimon smashed bitcoin as a fraud. In truth this was an attempt to shake out bitcoin players, and slow down the block chain development, or more importantly slow down block chain developers to allow JPM to be first. What block chain development ? Our guess is block chain that allows peer to peer gold and silver transfer. JPM knows that COMEX and LME will be the Nokia to Apple iPhone when block chain provides a world wide service for peer to peer gold transfer of ANY SIZE!

A bullish fundamental behind gold is the fact that true price discovery is coming to the metals markets on the back of development of peer to peer gold transfer via block chain. Bitcoin will be crushed by gold or silver block chain (until the Govt's get pissed!).

Gold Gann

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