Thursday, 26 October 2017

Forecasting Amazon price like Al Capone

When Al Capone ran a scam, he new the outcome, he new his forecast would be on the money. When forecasting stock resistance (or support) zones in the future there really only a few tools that work,
image1 and one would be the Gann Angle with Fibonacci Arcs.

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The chart below shows how two points are selected [(a) and (b)] which have a number of bars between them which on the count is equal to a Fibonacci number. Fibonacci numbers are found through out life forms in nature as the form represents the best design for survival. A healthy human shape is a form of fibonacci design, so why not stock price. To be fair the fibo arcs work best when the stock has a popular public following as increased human involvement encourages the natural fibonacci sequence to work.

The other tool which approves of is the Wyckoff Cause and Effect Point and Figure count guide, but that is for another post.


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