Monday, 5 February 2018

RTT Market Timer warned of the current market down swing

As part of our RTT Plus service we include coverage of our custom RTT Market Timer.
image1 We are proud to say on Jan 22 2018 we posted this warning, and encouraged turning GREEN (profits) on the screen to CASH.

.."WARNING, the NYSE internals are flashing no new LOVE for the recent new high!".."Remember our '2018 Out Look', we are near the end of the CAUSE from the EFFECT and not near the beginning"..."more PUT buying than CALLS, WOW"..

Of course since the above quoted date the DOW JONES has plunged 2,500 pts from its highs in Jan 2018.

NOTE: Not calling a crash, or a trend reversal, too early to make this call, RTT Plus service just made the call that current extended prices can expect serious profit taking.

Within RTT Plus we also posted these two charts warning our members.

Extreme readings of of RTT TrendStatus Indicator


We looked at 1929 and 1987 sell offs (from above).

SPy Crashes

Good Call, Yes!

Just a thought, these guys do not have RTT Market Timer and Wyckoff, Gann, Hurst, Ney market logic!

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