Thursday, 28 December 2017

Gold end of year rally well forecasted

Is the long gold consolidation coming to the end of the yellow brick road.

So why the gold price up swing?

- TRUMP tax cuts, while US spending and debt explodes.
- 2017Q1 war with north Korea.
- Europe is staying together after BREXIT.
- Trump wants a weaker $USD.
- Higher US interest rates are expected after US tax cuts, while prior money printing debt is huge.
- China yuan and oil trading backed by gold out side anglo saxon gold exchanges.
- US is going to boom and inflation will result.
- Non US Central banks will panic as Trump tax cuts suck GDP back to the US.
- More bonds with negative interest rates.

Who knows? One sure thing is the media does not know as they come up with the story after price has moved, and the story the main stream media uses is only after the central banks agree with it. Why? Gold and silver price changes of any large degree is a US security threat against the US dollar. That is until the Chinese say too bad, gold going higher!


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