Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Reading the tape of ticker of gold and silver

2018 maybe the year the massive hedge, against the FED, War or the sugar high valuations!

It will only take one domino to fall to great a ripple in the pond which may break very risky asset like: Junk bonds, passive investing, bond market and or US dollar.

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Of course there is this spooky forecast from the cover of Economist 1998, the new world currency is due in 2018 (maybe or maybe not). Of course is that gold, IMF basket of currencies in a SDR,  block chain, or hash graph based currency. Who knows!

Economist 2018 cover

This is also interesting, introducing Marvin Goodfriend a huge fan of negative interest rates, the last time negative interest hit the front page (Nov to Jan 2016), gold and silver jumped higher. Mr Goodfriend is a Trump appointment to the FED. Of course the FED will be able to 'thread the needle' to reduce balance sheets and increase interest rates while stocks stay high! This is the big bet for 2018, please review what happened to stocks when the FED tried this in 1937.

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